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Why Should You Book A Strategy Call?

Our Strategy Calls have become a crucial part of the job search success for hundreds of immigrant job seekers. 

Now it's your turn... to get the unfair advantage!

We will take the time to understand and analyse your personal situation & preferences - plus complete a full audit of all the processes & strategies you have followed to date. 

After the strategy call, you will have complete clarity on the things you MUST do (as well as the things to AVOID) to successfully move forward on your immigration journey.   

Think of it as a "paint by numbers" approach to securing that elusive job offer!

  • You will learn WHERE to start and WHAT you must do to find a job...FAST!
  • AVOID the obstacles and mistakes job seekers experience
  • Get ANSWERS to your most pressing questions 
  • Discover PROVEN strategies and processes - that WORK!
  • Minimise YOUR risks - Maximise YOUR chances of getting that crucial job offer
  • 60-MINUTE chat with a dedicated "Job Search" Expert
  • And so MUCH more...


ONLY  $197USD  [ SAVE 50% TODAY ]

Lock your spot in today and secure that elusive job offer


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Our Customers Love Us

“A big thank you to Zarelsie for all her advice and support during my job hunt experience.  

The information and support were invaluable during my job search.  Her mentoring and training videos provide “hands-on” practical advise on how to network and promote yourself to the job market.  

Job boards and the “scatter-gun” approach of sending hundreds of CV’s out isn’t always the best method to go about finding a job in NZ.  Targeted and focused networking with the right decision makers is invaluable.  

Zarelsie helped me to nurture these skills and I was able to secure a job offer after being a month in NZ.

I must admit that I was sceptical to start off with and couldn’t see how this program would benefit me.  We were disillusioned about the entire NZ job hunting process and thought that we could make it on our own.  After my first consultation with Zarelsie, it was clear that our preconceptions about job hunting was entirely misinformed and misunderstood.

I am extremely great full that we took the plunge with Zarelsie’ s support on our side.

We were never alone in this process and having someone to talk to in difficult times is of unmeasurable value.

I would highly recommend Zarelsie for her training and support.



South Africa => New Zealand

“I finally had the pleasure of meeting this remarkable woman - who changed our lives forever.

I started my journey with Zarelsie in June 2017 when we decided to explore the possibility of immigrating to New Zealand.

Luckily for me, we started working together right in the beginning - BEFORE I made the mistake of applying for every position possible.

I logged in to one of her webinars and immediately after bought her VIP Q Jumper Package.

This strategies included so much information which I would never been able to get on my own.

We arrived in New Zealand early March 2018 to meet with the networks I had made.

My husband and I gave ourselves two weeks which in reality is not much time for me to find a job but I was positive because I knew I was working with the best and that I was following the right process.

I kept following this strategy and exactly a month later - was given my written job offer with an incredible company who assisted with our entire relocation to New Zealand.

My family and I are now living in this beautiful country for the past three months.

I can say that had I not followed this process we would still be sitting in South Africa.

Thank you Zarelsie - we will forever be grateful to you.” 


South Africa => New Zealand

“We are the type of people who research a lot before we attempt to make decisions.

Research brought us to the Zarelsie Van Der Merwe from The Migration Mentor Ltd.

We signed up for the starter package which included information we hadn't come across ANYWHERE else.

We booked a trip and watch and implement everything we learned quickly.

On a strategy call with Zarelsie we learned  how different New Zealand's way of working is.”

We opted for a package with the Q Jumper Factor that helped us with a skills assessment, a New Zealand CV and a research report on each of our industries.

It included so many facts, statistics and helpful information that we never would have been able to get ourselves.

We weren't asking the right questions and we didn't know what to look for or where to look!

At the end of April we arrived in Auckland. 

We had set up interviews and gave ourselves only one week to get everything done.

Zarelsie met us on arrival and prepared us for the interviews in South Africa and New Zealand. 

By the end of the week I walked away with multiple job offers -  plus I got my ideal job offer!"


South Africa => New Zealand

“After we had our Job Search Strategy Consultation with you, we started implementing what you told us - created the LinkedIn profiles and CV as per your excellent training course.

We are totally surprised by a job offer for my son (a millwright – industrial mechanic), from a company in Christchurch.

They found my son on his new LinkedIn Profile, and invited him to apply for a job there. 

He progressed through the interview and testing stages quickly and has now received his job offer.

We now have to apply for the work visa, so he can start his job in Christchurch.

Thank you so much for your assistance!” 

FRED FARRELL ( Eugene's Father )

South Africa => New Zealand

"I would like to thank you so much.

I started to look for work in NZ in May.

Sadly, I started with the scatter gun approach and it led to nothing.

Then someone told me about you.

I've watched most of your videos and applied what you teach.

Within a week I had found 2 recruiting agents ready to take me on board.

After my 2nd interview, I had a job offer.

My visa has been accepted yesterday and I'm starting my new job beginning of September.

 Thank you for giving us tips that work to make our dream possible!"


South Africa => New Zealand

"Zarelsie played a HUGE part in getting me and my family into New Zealand. 

I had been trying for about 2 years to find a job before signing up with Zarelsie. 

Over a hundred applications on SEEK and other job boards with absolutely no success....!

I signed up with Zarelsie and started using the tools and techniques she had imparted during our strategy calls.

Within 3 months I had received a job offer and was well on my way to New Zealand. 

We are extremely grateful and thankful for Zarelsie's assistance.

I would definitely recommend using her services."


South Africa => New Zealand

Are YOU The Next Success Story?

Let Us Help You Secure That Crucial Job Offer...

You will be redirected to our 100% Secure Online Booking System & Checkout Page

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will Happen On The Call?

Prior to the strategy call, we will do a preliminary analysis of your current position and processes followed to date - as per the documents you provide us with.

On the call we will ask you questions to clarify your individual position, your processes - as well as your need and understanding of the relevant processes. 

In conjunction, we will cover how your eligibility and skills assessments can affect your job search - and what to do.

We explain the unique job finding obstacles you may face - as per your individual situation, industry and occupation.

Your consultant will cover in detail the job finding strategies will give you the best chance of securing that crucial job offer.

We then give you the opportunity to ask any pressing questions you may have relating to your job search.

If you decide that you need further one-on-one coaching & support to secure a job offer, we can discuss the options available to you at the end of the strategy call - including our world-renowned Q Junper Factor VIP Program.

Should you decide to go ahead with one of our further services we will design a customised plan for you - plus work alongside you UNTIL you get a job offer.

How Much Does The Strategy Call Cost?

Your investment is $197USD for a 60-minute consultation with one of our specialist consultants.

When you go to book a strategy call you have direct access to our consultants calendars. 

You will be able to see their availablity in your own time zone - so you can make a booking at a time suitable to you.

Upon booking the call you will be able to easily upload all your relevant documents. 

This will allow your consultant to do a preliminary analysis (prior to the call) so they are able to advise you on the exact next steps you need to take - along with the processes you need to follow as you move fowward on your immigration journey.

Calls usually take place via Skype.  However, if you don't have Skype don't worry. 

Just book the call today and your consultant can discuss a variety of other ways they can offer to allow them to conduct the strategy call with you.

What's Your Refund Policy?

Due to the tight schedule and limited amount of strategy calls we have available, we DO NOT offer refunds for ANY reason - including non-attendance. 

Please make sure you are ready to attend the strategy call at the agreed time. 

We appreciate that there may be a genuine case where circumstances arise that mean you cannot make the agreed time slot.  In these rare cases, we will allow you to reschedule the startegy call.

However, should you need to reschedule the call we require a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice. 

Any reschedule requests received outside the minimum notice period will be subject to being charged an addtional consultation fee.

Do You Offer Free Strategy Calls?


Immigration is a very expensive process...!

If you are unable to afford the small fee we charge for receiving the RIGHT advice  - it is highly unlikely you will be able to afford all the other costs associated with immigrating such as expensive visas, travel & relocation costs and accomodation etc.

We only work with people who are committed to investing BOTH their time AND money into products and services that help them achieve a successful outcome to their immigration journey.

If you are expecting to pay nothing - our services are not designed with you in mind.

Can You Guarantee A Job Offer After The Strategy Call?

No - it is illegal to offer any form of guaranteed job offer. 

We DO NOT offer any job guarantees.

The purpose of the strategy call is to answer your most pressing questions, concerns and overcome the challenges you are currently experiencing.

Our goals is to help you determine the best approach to securing that elusive job offer.

Many attendees discover the reasons why they have been failing in their job search efforts on these strategy calls - and experience job finding "breakthroughs" (and job offers!) as a direct result of attending the strategy call.

We will also discuss all the various options available to you - whether these be working one-on-one with us or providing you with tools and resources to take away to allow you to go it alone.  

If you are looking for a guarantee, push button solution or magic "job finding" pill that delivers a job offer on a silver platter - our services are not designed for you.  

However, if you do find that magic pill - please do let us know!

Is There Any Required Prep Work?

YES.....and it will help us (and you) tremedously.

If you have completed your eligibility and skills assessments you will be able to upload these when you make your booking online. If you haven't don't worry - we can help you with completeing those.

In addtion, ensure you upload your CV/Resume - plus any other documents you deem relevant.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is NOT crucial that your CV/Resume is professionally done and/or perfect. 

We simply need to be able to see both your current and previous jobs, job titles and years of experience within each role.

Ready To Get Started Now?

We Can Help You Secure That Elusive Job Offer...

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